Laboratory Air Enclosed Scroll Systems

Benefits and FeaturesOptions
  • Proven oil-less scroll technology
  • Great for applications in the research field
  • Multiplex systems have built in redundancy capabilities
  • Sound enclosure cabinet minimizes noise and system footprint
  • Premium Warranty
  • CO monitor
  • Non-fused disconnect box
  • Activated carbon filters
Why Laboratory Enclosed Scroll?
Our laboratory enclosed scroll systems leverage our proven oil-less scroll pump technology and are customized specifically for laboratory applications.  The sound enclosure cabineet minimizes noise and system footprint.
Compressor Pump Technology: Oil-less Scroll 
Laboratory Open Scroll Multiplex Systems (with Premium Controls)
scroll enclosure
MODELHPTank Size (Gal.)SCFM @ 100 PSIG*
LSE100310 (1)8015.2
LSE150415 (1)12030.4
LSE200520 (1)20045.6
LSE300530 (1)20060.8
LSE400540 (1)20091.2
LSED300630 (2)240121.6
LSED400640 (2)240182.4
* NOTE: SCFM values for Enclosed Scroll Systems are shown with one pump in reserve per compressor column
Laboratory Air System DesignHelpful Links
  • Includes:
            - Multiple Compressors
            - ASME receiver
            - Control panel (Premium)
            - Air purification system
            - Dew point monitor
            - All interconnecting piping and wiring
            - Vibration isolation pads and flex connectors
  • Built in redundancy in multiplex systems
  • Enclosed systems packaged in sound enclosure cabinet to minimize noise and system footprint
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities