Medical Air Open Scroll Systems

Benefits and FeaturesOptions
  • Proven oil-less scroll technology
  • Easy access to the compressors for maintenance
  • Low maintenance
  • Quiet
  • Premium Warranty
  • Non-fused disconnect box
  • Activated carbon final filters
  • Basic controls

Why Open Scroll?

Our open scroll Medical Air systems meet all NFPA 99 requirements and can be customized as needed for your application.  Powerex offers three different control panel options for our Medical Air open scroll systems - Premium (touch screen) controls as our standard and optional Basic controls.  Tankmount and multiplex package system configurations available.  Many of our Medical Air Open Scroll systems are now OSHPD (Seismic) Certified. (Certification No. OSP-3080-10)

 Compressor Pump Technology: Oil-less Scroll


          Medical Tankmount Scroll Duplex Systems (with Premium or Basic Controls)


MODELHPTank Size (Gal.)SCFM @ 50 PSIG*
 MTSD03033 (2)80 H9.5
 MTSD05035 (2)80 H16.6


 *SCFM @ 50 PSIG is shown with one compressor in reserve per NFPA 99



         Medical Scroll Multiplex Systems (with Premium or Basic Controls)

                   mst with pbmi 

MODELHPTank Size (Gal.)SCFM @ 50 PSIG*
 MSD0203*2 (2)80 V6.0
 MSD0303*3 (2)80 V9.5
 MSD0503*5 (2)80 V16.6
 MSD07547.5 (2)120 V23.8
 MSD1004*10 (2)120 V33.2
 MSD10B410 (2)120 V31.6
 MSD150415 (2)120 V49.8
 MSD15B415 (2)120 V47.6
 MSD200420 (2)120 V63.2
 MST0503*5 (3)80 V33.2
 MST07557.5 (3)200 V47.6
 MST1005*10 (3)200 V66.4
 MST10B510 (3)200 V63.2
 MST1505*15 (3)200 V99.6
 MST15B515 (6)200 V95.2
 MST15B615 (6)240 V95.2
 MST20B520 (6)200 V126.4
 MST20B620 (6)240 V126.4
 MSQ0504*5 (4)120 V49.8
 MSQ07557.5 (4)200 V71.4
 MSQ1005*10 (4)200 V99.6
 MSQ10B510 (4)200 V94.8
 MSQ1505*15 (4)200 V149.4
 MSQ15B515 (8)200 V142.8
 MSQ15B615 (8)240 V142.8
 MSQ20B520 (8)200 V189.6
 MSQ20B620 (8)240 V189.6
 MSP1505*15 (5)200 V199.2
 MSH0504*5 (6)120 V83.0
 MSH1506*15 (6)240 V249.0
 MSN0505*5 (9)200 V132.8


                                                        *SCFM @ 50 PSIG is shown with one compressor in reserve per NFPA 99

*System is OSHPD (Seismic) Certified; Certification No. OSP-3080-10


Medical Air System DesignHelpful Links:
  • All systems are fully compliant with the latest edition of NFPA 99
  • Includes:

            - Multiple Compressors

            - ASME receiver

            - UL listed control panel (Premium or Basic)*

            - Air purification system

            - Carbon monoxide monitor

            - Dew point monitor

            - All interconnecting piping and wiring

            - Vibration isolation pads and flex connectors

  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities

Specification and Cut Sheet

System Manual - MTSD, MSD-MSN

Scroll Pump Maintenance Manual - SLAE (all models)

Medical Air Brochure