Medical Air Oil-less Reciprocating Piston Systems

Benefits and FeaturesOptions
  • No oil anywhere
  • Composite piston reduces bearing heat
  • Dual cooling flywheel and fan
  • Corrosion resistant coating extends valve and ring life
  • Premium Warranty
  • Non-fused disconnect box
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Basic Controls

Why Reciprocating Piston? recip pump

Self-lubricating composite piston technology – standard on our oil-less reciprocating compressors, increases ring life and reduces operating temperature, providing reliability for years to come. Our oil-less reciprocating piston compressors can be used on either skid mounted or tank mounted systems.



 Compressor Pump Technology: Oil-less Reciprocating Piston

Medical Reciprocating Tankmount Duplex (with Basic Controls)mtd


MODELHPTank Size (Gal.)SCFM @ 50 PSIG*
MTD01031 (2)80 H3.4
MTD02032 (2)80 H8.3
MTD03033 (2)80 H11.3
MTD03043 (2)120 H11.3
MTD05045 (2)120 H18.6
MTD05055 (2)200 H18.6
MTD07567.5 (2)240 H29.0
MTD100610 (2)240 H36.2
MTD150615 (2)240 H50.9



 Medical Reciprocating Systems (with Premium or Basic Controls)

 med recip

MODELHPTank Size (Gal.)SCFM @ 50 PSIG*
MPD03083 (2)8011.3
MPD05085 (2)12018.6
MPD06085 (2)12021.4
MPD07587.5 (2)12027.3
MPD100810 (2)20034.8
MPD150815 (2)20050.9
MPT05085 (3)20037.2
MPT06085 (3)20042.8
MPT07587.5 (3)20058.0
MPT100810 (3)24072.4
MPT150815 (3)240101.8
MPQ05085 (4)24055.8
MPQ06085 (4)24064.2
MPQ07587.5 (4)24087.0
MPQ100810 (4)240108.6
MPQ150815 (4)240152.7

*NOTE: SCFM @ 50 PSIG is shown with one compressor in reserve per NFPA 99


Medical Air System DesignHelpful Links
  • All systems are fully compliant with the latest edition of NFPA 99
  • Includes:

            - Multiple Compressors

            - ASME receiver

            - UL listed control panel (Premium or Basic)*

            - Air purification system

            - Carbon monoxide monitor

            - Dew point monitor

            - All interconnecting piping and wiring

            - Vibration isolation pads and flex connectors

  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities

Specification and Cut Sheets – Skidmount

Specification and Cut Sheets – Tankmount

System Manual - MTD (Medical Reciprocating Tankmount Duplex)

System Manual - MPD, MPT, MPQ (Medical Reciprocating Package System)

Pump Manual - OPS, OPT (all models)

Medical Air Brochure