Industrial Vacuum Systems

Benefits and FeaturesOptions for all Models
  • Low annual maintenance cost
  • Easy installation
  • Low operating temperatures
  • UL-listed NEMA 1 Control Panel
  • 29.3" Hg end vacuum
  • Premium warranty
  • Vacuum Regulator
  • Carbon filters


Why Industrial Vacuum? lube pump

Our lubricated rotary vane vacuum system is perfect for more industrial applications, like molding, packaging and printing. The tank-mounted design allows for easy maintenance, easy installation and a small system footprint.




Vacuum Pump Technology: Lubricated Rotary Vane


IVS Simplex Models - Industrial Vacuum Systems (with Basic Controls)

                  IVD vert               

MODELHP1Tank Size (Gal.)SCFM @ 19" Hg
IVS0151.530 V/60 V7
IVS020260 V11
IVS030380 V17
IVS040580 H26
IVS050580 H41
IVS0757.5120 H52
IVS10010200 H77





IVD Duplex Models - Industrial Vacuum Systems (with Basic Controls)


ivd horz


MODELHP1Tank Size (Gal.)SCFM @ 19" Hg
IVD0151.5 (2)80 H14
IVD0202 (2)80 H22
IVD0303 (2)120 H34
IVD0405 (2)120 H52
IVD0505 (2)120H/200 H82
IVD0757.5 (2)200 H104
IVD10010 (2)240 H154



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