Laboratory Claw Vacuum

Benefits and FeaturesOptions
  • Extremely reliable
  • Multiplex systems have built in redundancy capabilities
  • Great for applications in the research field
  • Compact design
  • Touch screen digit display (for Premium controls)
  • Low maintenance
  • Premium warranty
  • Air or electric auto purge (with Premium controls)
  • Carbon filters
  • Basic controls

Why Dry Claw? claw pump

Our laboratory vacuum systems with our proven claw pump technology can be customized specifically for your laboratory application.  Powerex offers two different control panel options for our Laboratory Vacuum Systems - Premium controls as our standard or optional Basic controls.  Many of our Laboratory Vacuum systems are now OSHPD (Seismic) Certified. (Certification No. OSP-3093-10)



Vacuum Pump Technology: Claw

 Laboratory Dry Claw Tank Mount Systems (with Premium or Basic Controls)

                claw tankmt       

MODELHPTank Size (Gal.)SCFM @ 19" Hg
LCVD02032.3 (2)80 V32
LCVD03033.2 (2)80 V42
LCD02032.3 (2)80 H32
LCD03033.2 (2)80 H42
LCD05035 (2)80 H58
LCD06036.4 (2)80 H76
LCPDT05025 (2)60 H*58
LCPDT06026.4 (2)60 H*76
LCPDT07027.0 (2)60 H*104
LCPDT09029.1 (2)60 H*130
 * Receiver is frame mounted on top of the two pumps 


Laboratory Dry Claw Skid Mount Systems (with Premium or Basic Controls)

 claw with hmi 

MODELHPTank Size (Gal.)SCFM @ 19" Hg
LCPD1005*10 (2)200 V174
LCPD1505*15 (2)200 V258
LCPT0505*5 (3)200 V87
LCPT0605*6.4 (3)200 V114
LCPT0705*7.0 (3)200 V156
LCPT0905*9.1 (3)200 V195
LCPT1005*10 (3)200 V261
LCPT1505*15 (3)200 V387
LCPQ0505*5 (4)200 V116
LCPQ0605*6.4 (4)200 V152
LCPQ0705*7.0 (4)200 V208
LCPQ0905*9.1 (4)200 V260
LCPQ1005*10 (4)200 V348
LCPQ1505*15 (4)200 V516

 *System is OSHPD (Seismic) Certified; Certification No. OSP-3093-10

Laboratory Vacuum System DesignHelpful Links
  • Includes:

            - Vacuum Pumps

            - ASME receiver

            - Control panel (Premium or Basic)

            - All interconnecting piping and wiring

            - Vibration isolation pads and flex connectors

  • Built in redundancy in multiplex systems
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities
  • Optional auto purge feature (air or electric) with Premium controls

Specifications and Cut Sheets

System Manual

Laboratory Vacuum Brochure